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As part of the Winning Series that run on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ in the month of January to help listeners find the right path to fulfilment, Tuesday’s focus was centred on “Winning Through Sacrifice.”

Charting a new way to get individuals appreciate the need to sacrifice and subsequently win, Mr. Neil Armstrong Mortagbe, a marketing professional was the guest on the show to talk about sacrifice that brings about success following Monday’s discussion on Purpose.

“If you don’t sacrifice, you cannot be recognised; If you can’t sacrifice, you cannot influence people,” he stated, urging that it is good though difficult for one to sacrifice their comfort zone for the ultimate prize.


The Marketing Consultant stated that Personal Development is always needed to be able to sacrifice. He advocated for Setting Objectives which should be written and be adhered to

.” . . It can be Weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. As an individual you must have a development plan that you can measures and work towards them. . . Objectives should be specifics, realistic, be time bound and you should be able to measure them,” he said.

Forgo Something

Encouraging listeners to consciously eliminate certain things of their life, he noted that:“To achieve your purpose, you must forgo something of very high value towards achieving a higher goal. . . Without sacrifice there is no attainment of purpose.”

He ,mentioned Biblical Abraham as someone who committed to sacrifice his only son to his God which eventually made him the father of all nations.

To him, a football enthusiast and a former Manager of Premier league side Accra Hearts Of Oak, he sacrificed his football love to becoming a people developer where he had to help people find their purpose in life without benefiting enough from it because he wanted to fulfil his purpose.

“No Pain, No gain”, a popular mantra of body builders, he said, was a way to get people understand what sacrifice is all about, stressing that People who are stuck to their comfort zone should let go of some little pleasures to pursue a higher aspirations that bring fufilment.

“There is no progress you’ll make in life that sacrifice is not required,” he added.

Sacrificing Time

Touching on practical things to look at when one wants to Sacrifice, Mr. Mortagbe said People do not value and regard time but like to sleep more than enough. He therefore urged that people who had positioned themselves to succeed could reduce their sleeping time and use it for other important ventures.

He continued that man doesn’t have to sleep to the detriment of his  purpose and urged that people use their time to do things that will get them closer their goals, by utilizing their time well.

“Don’t spend time doing unnecessary things.”  He mentioned that one can reduce their sleep  and engage in extra things one needs to do like reading, researching, and rehearsing things one needs to do to sharpen their skills.

Sacrificing Self

According to him, “giving yourself to causes that you believe in; giving yourself to people that you know need your help” is what self sacrifice is all about.  To him, it could be spending time helping people find their purpose.

Another aspect he talked about was for one to realise their errors and accept that they are wrong and will never commit such mistakes. He said saying sorry is as essential as holding yourself to not repeating such mistakes regardless one’s position in life.

Sacrificing of Money

He also advised that people sacrifice some of their income to strengthen them financially to be able to take up projects that are important to them though it does not come easy and added that people needed to also sacrifice their talents as well as their pleasures.

To him, pleasures and entertainment must be planned so one is not swayed from getting to their aspirations.

Source: Ghana/ Xpress.


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